Jane Carnall

Fine dining experiences, private dining, canapé receptions and bespoke catering for every occasion.

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What we offer

Business Events

Our experience tells us that corporate bookings fall into a number of different categories. The first are those where you are trying to impress, showing your business in the best possible light to clients & prospective clients and maybe even the competition. These could be formal events or product launches, sales presentations or site visits.

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Private Dining

Our business was built on private dining and while we may have expanded our services, we have never lost sight of the joy in producing the spectacular on a small scale.

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Parties, Celebrations and Special Occasions

Whatever the reason, we all love a party…unless you are the one charged with the organisation!

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Funerals, Wakes and Life Celebrations

here have been occasions when clients and friends have asked us to help with events that require a quiet dignity. We take these instructions as a compliment not only to our service but also to our maturity, it is a privilege to assist in however small a way to ease the burden at an often difficult time.

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